Environmentally friendly packaging

Honeycomb Cellpack manufactures solely environmentally friendly packaging based on natural products and therefore biodegradable.

Honeycomb Cellpack packaging is made from paper material which is quickly decomposed if it is not reused. Packaging based on paper is decomposed within a few months – depending of course on the thickness of the paper. You can read more about decomposition rates on Hold Danmark Rent. (Keep Denmark Clean / In danish)

We experience an increasing interest and awareness about environmentally friendly packaging – from our customers and our customers’ customers; the end-users that must dispose of the packaging. That our packaging may be compressed with up to 75 per cent is just another advantage to our environment and finances.FSC

At Honeycomb Cellpack we are also FSC® certified, so we can offer several of our packaging solutions made in FSC® certified paper. So you as a customer can choose whether or not your solution should be made with FSC® certified paper. Call and hear more about the difference.

Our packaging often replaces oil-based Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Honeycomb (Møllecell)

Our primary products are Honeycomb panels (In danish Møllecell). We manufacture the panels from paper, kraft liner or test liner, which enclose a core with a cell structure – hence the name honeycomb. Core and wrapper are glued together with a water-based biodegradable glue so that the finished product is 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable.

The cell structure and the way in which the honeycomb panels are built make the packaging panels lightweight and strong. The strength depends on two conditions: the thickness of the liner and how compact the core (the cell structure) is.

We can manufacture the panels with different qualities of liner, but it is usually between 135 and 750 grams per m2. Similarly, the core (the cell structure) comes with different spaces – typically from 10 to 20 millimetres. The height of the honeycomb panels range from 10 to 110 millimetres. Our packaging designers have lots of experience with choosing material so that the product has exactly the properties which our customers demand.

The honeycomb panels are cut to size according to request and demand.


Punched Honeycomb

Honeycomb Cellpack have experienced packaging designers who develop punching tools that can cut the honeycomb panels to size and punch them with great accuracy, thereby replacing moulded EPS.

In the production, we cut and punch the honeycomb packaging so that it fulfils the requirements of our customers for lightweight, strong and shock-absorbing packaging.

Honeycomb is a popular and future-proof packaging because it is recyclable, biodegradable and very compressible. This means that our customers may save on their costs for storage, transport and removal.

We design and punch solutions for fragile and unwieldy products or for fixing in boxes.

You may see a number of examples under the section Businesses/solutions.


Honeycomb Cellpack – Open Cell

Honeycomb Cellpack also manufactures packaging with open cells. It is a shock-absorbing packaging product which may be used as a filler at buffer zones and as levelling in boxes and on pallets.

The open cell may be confused with the core in the honeycomb but it is produced in an entirely different way in order to stay dimensionally stable without being glued to paper or kraft liner.

Open Cell may be used in different ways in the packing stage and it is easy to adapt as it can be snapped off in suitable sizes. We can supply this product in a number of standard sizes or according to specific measures and requests.


We manufacture Open Cell in various thicknesses – from 16 to 100 millimetres.


RePa-Board® – for printing and display solutions.

RePa-Board is an enrironmentally friendly board used for printing and display solutions.

RePa-Board (Recyclable Paper Board) is made from paper, both new and recycled, and can after use, therefore be recycled again. The glue is water based and thus harmless.

RePa-Board has a core of unique honeycomb structure, which gives the board a high compression strength an stability for printing and display solutions.

RePa-Board web2


RePa-Board® is a registreret trademark.  RePa-Board® is available in different sizes and designs. Please see more at: