25th anniversary. Annette

ANJ 280x150

On Friday july, we celebrated Annette Jensen, who had her 25th Anniversary. On the same day also a 10-year Anniversary, a 60th birthday, a 40th birthday, and that in June we had another historical turnover record. See more info on

(danish) Vi søger ny kollega. Holdleder / Produktion – Dag/Nat


Vi søger yderligere ny kollega.

Vi søger en ny holdleder skal skal arbejde skiftevis en uge dag og en uge nat. Se jobannonce, og læs mere om jobbet og hvordan du søger. Job-produktionsmedarbejder-dag-nat-maj-2021-Honeycomb-Cellpack

New warehouse in place, – with four new gate locks

IMG_1513 (002) 280x150 Honeycomb Cellpack

We are pleased that here in December we have finished our latest expansion, a nearly 1000 m2 new warehouse, with another 4 new gate ramps. This means that we again have enough space, it had simply becomed too cramped. Construction was launched in spring 2020, and with only minor delays (due to the corona), we can now look forward to use of the new extension.

Investment in precision and reliability.

IMG_0605 280

We continuously maintain and upgrade our production so that we have a high level of operational reliability. This summer, while the factory was closed for the holidays, it was our in-line cross-saw that was renovated and technically upgraded. It is a critical part of our machine line, as it ensures that we maintain our high quality requirements for tolerances and precision in cutting and slitting of the honeycomb panels.

During summer there have also been other maintenance that we are planning just in time for the holidays. Scheduled maintenance is an important part of our quality management (ISO 9001: 2015) so we optimize our operating time and safety so that we can run in 3-shifts,  the rest of the year.

The picture shows from left, Technical Manager Henning Brun and our internal blacksmith and maintenance man Kaare G. Sørensen.

Topping-out ceremony at Honeycomb Cellpack


Thursday, July 2nd, a topping-out ceremony was held, in connection with the company’s expansion with additional warehouse space and new gate locks. The day was marked – as is tradition – with sausages, sodas, gran-wreath and also a speech in which the developer Thomas Bladt thanked everyone involved in the construction. The last expansion was in 2015, which expanded with offices, development rooms, warehouses and production. The new expansion is warehouse only.

The picture shows director Thomas Bladt, adviser from Ramboll Thomas Holm and entrepreneur Heine Gjerløv from Kaas Industribyg.

PLEASE NOTE : We are closed due to holidays – week 29 & 30


Please be informed that Honeycomb Cellpack will be closed for Summer holidays week 29 and 30.


Expansion of Honeycomb Cellpack.

udvidelse 280x150

Expansion of Honeycomb Cellpack ..

At the beginning of the year, we decided to expand our warehouse, and right now we feel that construction is underway and is progressing according to plan. Foundations are being cast. We are expanding with additional insulated and heated storage of almost 950m2, as well as with a total of 4 shipping ramps which will face the Skelvej. The construction is part of an overall plan for the development of the company.

The picture shows the building in connection with a board meeting, from the left you see director Thomas Bladt, board member Svend Jensen.and chairman of the board Preben Larsen.

Thanks to Jørn! – 10-years anniversary at Honeycomb Cellpack


Today we celebrated that our colleague Jørn has been here in the company for 10 years. Jørn is our all-around man who keeps green areas nice, takes care of snow during winter, sweeps floors – and especially during these times, clears with disinfection all the handles and surfaces on a daily basis.

Thanks to Jørn – we hope that despite the “retirement age” (several years ago.. ) you will continue some more years. We celebrated the day with gifts, flags, barbecue / grill sausages, cake, etc., – of course with distance due to the special times with corona.


Corona virus / COVID-19 – Status and actions taken at Honeycomb Cellpack.

corona virus logo 280x150

At Honeycomb Cellpack we take the situation seriously. We follow the development and take the actions that we consider necessary. These actions taken is to prevent both the spread of viruses between our employees and people in general, but also to ensure production, both for the sake of suppliers, customers and of course our company in general.

We have implemented a number of initiatives, including: eating our meals separately, daily cleaning of all handles and exposed surfaces, personal distance between employees, etc. In addition, we limit contact with outsiders by preventing shipment/truckdrivers from unnecessary physical contact. We limit the number of visitors and external customer visits to only what is absolutely necessary. We try to be at the forefront of planning in case of virus among employees, decline in raw material deliveries and decline in sales and order intake for production.

If you or your company have questions – please write or call us.

DENNE STILLING ER BESAT Kontorassistent m. alsidige opgaver


Om dig:
-Du har gerne brede kompetencer fra forskellige opgaver på kontor.
-Du har f.eks. erfaring med ordrebehandling, indkøb, kvalitetsstyring (ISO) mv..
-Du har gerne erfaring fra en produktionsvirksomhed, alternativt handelsvirksomhed
-Du har lyst og evne til at arbejde i en lille fleksibel virksomhed, med varierede opgaver – og har lyst til at lære nyt og arbejde med en bred vifte af opgaver
-Du er en god kollega, fagligt dygtig – og engageret i det du laver
-Afhængigt af dine ønsker og kompetencer kan det være fuld tid, eller nedsat tid f.eks. 30 timer.

Thanks to Henrik – 21 years in a sheltered job.

Henrik 280

Thursday, January 30, we said goodbye to Henrik, who has been with us, as a sheltered employee for 21 years. Henrik has helped us in the production – thanks for the effort !! – You can see more on our Facebook page.

Recertification of quality management system ISO 9001-2015 at Honeycomb Cellpack

ISO 280

We are pleased to announce that we are now recertified in our quality management system, ISO 9001-2015. We value the quality of our work, so that we can both develop and produce the optimal honeycomb packaging solutions for our customers, both now and in the future. The recertification was carried out by DNV-GL and was with no deviated at all, which confirms that we live up to our high quality standards. The picture shows CEO Thomas Bladt, Consultant Annette Schmidt, Production Manager Bent Kjeldsen and Auditor from DNV-GL Claus Kærgaard.

Visit by the Danish Working Environment Authority – Green Smiley


Honeycomb Cellpack A/S has been visited by the Danish Working Environment Authority, and again awarded a Green Smiley. We also had Green Smiley on our last visit.
The green smiley shows that the company has nothing outstanding with the Danish Working Environment Authority and is thus a signal to the outside world that the company is orderly in its working environment.
This green smiley can be found on the Danish Working Environment Authority’s website – where you can read more.

FSC certification in place at Honeycomb Cellpack

IMG_6079v4 280x150

We are pleased to announce that we are now also FSC certified. This means that as a supplier of Honeycomb packaging, we can also offer that the packaging is FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a traceability certification.
Pictured from left is CEO Thomas Bladt, Sales Office Manager Annette Jensen, External Consultant from Annette Schmidt and Director and Auditor Kent Skovgaard from NepCon.

Investment in increased production security.

IMG_7417 280x150

During the summer holidays, production has been busy. Not with producing goods, but with optimizing the part of our production that performs the actual punching process in our Honeycomb panels. Our largest eccentric press, with a compressive force of 160 tonnes, has got brand new electrical control and computer.
This means that, as part of our quality assurance, we can minimize the risk of any crashes and unplanned stops. At the same time, we can collect data and increase the quality through several options for adjusting the press/punch process for each production.
Pictured from the left are; shift team-leader Ole Nielsen, technical manager Henning Brun and packaging designer Sten Rafn.

Honeycomb Panels – in large sizes

Honeycomb Cellpack 280150

Honeycomb panels and packaging in many sizes.
Here we have made shock absorbing long thick “fillers” that measure more than 4.5 meters !. It is for shock absorption of a very long product.

Artist Alejandro Aravena chooses to use paper honeycomb at Louisiana

3 Honeycomb Cellpack louisiana 280x150

The Chilean Architect’s Studio ELEMENTAL, with Alejandro Aravena as artistic director, has chosen to use eg. paper honeycomb from Honeycomb Cellpack, at their current exhibition at danish art museum Louisiana. You can see the great pictures either on our facebook site, or on our LinkedIN. 

DNV-GL, Audit P2 on our ISO9001-2015 quality management system.

ISO 9001  honeycomb Cellpack

Thank´s to DNV-GL for a well-completed annual audit on our ISO9001-2015 quality management system. We came fine through Audit without any deviations or remarks. In the picture, Trine H. Nielsen is seen from Honeycomb Cellpack, consultant and advisor Annette Schmidt from, as well as Claus Kærgaard and Pernille Hansen, both from DNV-GL

20th anniversary – Henrik Staal in a sheltered position.

Jubilæum Honeycomb Cellpack 280-150

Vi har netop fejret jubilæum for vores kollega Henrik Staal, – som kom hertil for netop 20 år siden. Henrik arbejder i en beskyttet stilling og hjælper et par dage om ugen med at pakke emballage. Stort TAK til Henrik for din indsats, og tak for en god dag til alle som bidrog til at fejre Henrik.
På dette link, kan du læse artikel i Favrskov Lokalavis.

Erhvervstræf / business event / Honeycomb Cellpack

HCCP 22-8-18

(Danish) Onsdag 22. august var Honeycomb Cellpack vært for et arrangement arrangeret af Favrskov Erhvervsråd. Tak til de mange fremmødte, og tak for interessen for vores virksomhed. Du kan se mere på vores Facebookside,

Project with energy optimization in place. LED lightning.

Honeycomb Cellpack LED light 2 280

Honeycomb Cellpack has completed a project focusing on optimizing energy consumption, by replacing the light to LED light. In the picture, warehouse manager Torben Petersen and Technical Manager Henning Brun are standing with the old “bucket lamps” with 400w electric lamps, now replaced with new LED luminaires.

25 years anniversary at Honeycomb Cellpack – Production Manager Bent Kjeldsen

Bent 25 år

We are happy and proud that we have our first 25 year anniversarie in the company. Bent Kjeldsen, our Production Manager, has been in our company for 25 years. We thank him for a great and loyal effort for the company – which has contributed to today being Northern Europe’s leading company in customized packaging solutions based on paper honeycomb.

Thanks to FALCK course department !

IMG_2743 280x150

Thanks to FALCK course department and instructor Gunnar Dahl, who taught us today about first aid and use of the company’s defibrillator and cardiac arrest. Every year we have first aid education, use of defibrillator / cardiac arrest and fire fighting.

(Dansk) DENNE STILLING ER BESAT: Teknisk Designer / Emballage & Værktøjer

Teknisk Designer HCCP

Sorry, this entry is only available in Danish.

Participation in SDG Events, UN-City Copenhagen


We would like to thank for a good event held in the UN City in Copenhagen. The event was organized byThe Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as one of several UN SDG Events. (Sustainable Development Goals)  Honeycomb Cellpack participated in the event within Substainable Packaging Solutions. You can read more about the event here:  KLIK HER

Optimization of production in place

foto 3

Honeycomb Cellpack has completed an extensive modification and partial replacement of the electrical Control system of the company’s production line. The investment has been made to ensure the high production stability and precision in the production of customized cuts and solutions in honeycomb panels. At the same time, the investment provides greater opportunity for future optimization of speed and security of tolerances.

New investment in industrial printer – for numbering, logo, icon or similar

foto 4

Honeycomb Cellpack has finalized an investment in a new printer to enable printing on the company’s paper honeycomb panels. This is an investment which makes it possible to print, for example part number, icon, logo or similar on the honeycomb panels.

Honeycomb Cellpack is set to recieve the new ISO 9001:Version 2015


We are pleased to announce that Honeycomb Cellpack has just been set to recieve the certification of the new ISO 9001:Version 2015. This is an upgrade and improvement of our qualitysystem. The photo shows Lead Auditor Claus Kærgaard from DNV-GL, Production Manager Bent Kjeldsen, Consultant Annette Schmidt from, Teknical Manager Henning Brun, Sales Office Manager Annette Jensen and CEO Thomas Bladt

Did you know? – that paper honeycomb panels can also be used creatively

Shop 280

That paper honeycomb panels can also be used creatively – eg. for the retail industry, where there are advantages as the material is biodegradable, recyclable and compressible for disposal.

Packmarkedet / April 2016 – artikel om Honeycomb Cellpack


Artikel om Honeycomb Cellpack i PackMarkedet. I april udgaven af Packmarkedet kan du læse en artikel om Honeycomb Cellpack og vores positive udvikling.
Du kan læse artiklen her:
Artikel PackMarkedet april 2016

Please note: NEW ADRESS // Bemærk venligst: NY ADRESSE


NY ADRESSE: Efter færdiggørelse af vores ombygning, ændrer vi pr. 15.marts 2016 adresse. Vi er stadig beliggende samme sted, men indkørsel vil blot være fra en anden vej. Fremover er vores adresse således Skelvej 1, DK-8881 Thorsø.
NEW ADRESS: After completion of our expansion, we change address per. 15 March 2016. We’re still on the same location, but the driveway will be from a different path. In future, our address therefore is: Skelvej 1, DK-8881 Thorsø.

We improve ourself….


As a part of our strategy and to continously be a market-leader in design and production of unique packaging solutions in paper honeycomb, we currently work to upgrade our QM, so that we in future also meet the latest standard of ISO9001, version 2015. We are already working with standards as FMEA, etc ..

Nybyggeri på plads – udvidelse på 1700 m2


Our new building extension is in place. We have expanded by approximately 1,700 m2, including offices, warehouse and production facilities. Ready for a positive 2016.

Expansion of the company – second part. Topping-out ceremony.


Expansion of the company – second part. Topping-out ceremony.
We have now held topping-out ceremony on the second part of the company’s expansion. In total we build about 1700 m2, which includes production, storage, development and new offices. We expect that we can take the new Buildings into use, in October, exept offices, wich will be taken into use in December.

Expansion of our production facilities. First part.


The first part of our expansion of our production facilities, is taking shape. The next part of our new facilities is offices and more stock

New driveway taken into use at Honeycomb Cellpack


Production Manager Bent Kjeldsen and CEO Thomas Bladt. The new driveway leads up to the Administration and goods delivery. Delivery of goods is still from Skelvej.

Video Presentation of Honeycomb Cellpack


We are pleased to present a video about Honeycomb Cellpack. It is a 2-minute video where you can see and learn more about the options you have if your company is working with us to develop your next packaging solution.  Click here to see video

After 18 years of employment in sheltered position Jimmy retires


Thank you for 18 years!
After 18 years of employment in sheltered position our employee Jimmy has chosen to move to Silkeborg, where he obtained a more suitable home. Last week we therefore said goodbye and big THANK YOU for 18 years of service.
You may want to read more in an article Favrskov Posten wrote – click here.

About the different Honeycomb qualities from Honeycomb Cellpack


We produce paper honeycomb panels in many different qualities depending on the packaging solution they will be used. The quality depends on factors such as Paper thickness and cell size of honeycomb. You find more information about our different qualities of honeycomb her at the website.

Cellpack becomes Honeycomb Cellpack – new name and logo

nyt navn logo mv.

We have therefore decided on the new name Honeycomb Cellpack A/S. We hereby combine the international/English term for Møllecell, which is Honeycomb, with our former name Cellpack, which naturally has referred to the “core” in the honeycomb/Møllecell. Pack is of course an abbreviation for Packaging. Hence, Honeycomb Cellpack.

Our new logo shows the honeycomb structure (the cell structure) and each edge in the logo stands for the punching tools which make our products unique.

More information on this PDF-file attatched here: Information about Honeycomb Cellpack

Generational handover with Cellpack A/S


The packaging company Cellpack A/S in Thorsø now has a new owner. The new owner of Cellpack A/S is JBH A/S (Jørgen Bladt Holding) in Aalborg which is owned by the Bladt family. Thomas Bladt takes over as the new company CEO while Søren and Elsebeth Sørensen remain in management during a transition period. Cellpack A/S looks forward to continuing the good working relationship with suppliers, customers and other business relations.

The change of ownership was with effect from April 2013.

Danish climate minister Lykke Friis and TV Midt/Vest visit Cellpack


During her election campaign, climate minister Lykke Friis visited Cellpack in Thorsø. Here she witnessed the production of our environmentally friendly packaging.

You can watch the video clip by clicking on this link