Corona virus / COVID-19 – Status and actions taken at Honeycomb Cellpack.

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At Honeycomb Cellpack we take the situation seriously. We follow the development and take the actions that we consider necessary. These actions taken is to prevent both the spread of viruses between our employees and people in general, but also to ensure production, both for the sake of suppliers, customers and of course our company in general.

We have implemented a number of initiatives, including: eating our meals separately, daily cleaning of all handles and exposed surfaces, personal distance between employees, etc. In addition, we limit contact with outsiders by preventing shipment/truckdrivers from unnecessary physical contact. We limit the number of visitors and external customer visits to only what is absolutely necessary. We try to be at the forefront of planning in case of virus among employees, decline in raw material deliveries and decline in sales and order intake for production.

If you or your company have questions – please write or call us.