About us

About Honeycomb Cellpack

Honeycomb Cellpack has more than 20 years of experience with designing, developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly packaging for the shock-absorption and fixing of products during transport.

The packaging is 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable. It may be compressed up to 75 per cent which will keep storage and transport costs down for our customers.

Honeycomb Cellpack is a Danish owned company. Production and administration is located in the village Thorsø between Silkeborg and Randers.

Honeycomb Cellpack packaging is made from a combination of kraft liner and a core with a cell structure – hence the name honeycomb.

The panels are strong, lightweight and have a minimal impact on the environment. We punch and cut them to size to fit exactly the demands of our customers. Often, the honeycomb plates replace Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

We are specialised in die-cut packaging. Die-cut honeycomb is specifically developed and designed to fix and protect a product during transport.

Our experienced and innovative design division often develops unique solutions to meet the special demands of the individual customer.

In addition to the individual solutions, we provide a number of standard products for e.g. edge protection, fixing in boxes, filler panels and other things that do not require a special design.


It is our vision to:

– Minimise our customers’ packaging costs.
– Be a strong, reliable and flexible supplier.
– Meet our customers’ individual demands for packaging solutions.
– Develop packaging wth flexible and numerous functions.
– Supply lightweight, strong and reliable shock-absorbing packaging.
– Supply packaging for fragile products.
– Strive towards minimal environmental impact.
– Supply a product that enters into the right life cycle.
– Be a good and desirable workplace.

Packaging design

At Honeycomb Cellpack, we design unique packaging solutions which are tailored exactly to what our customers demand.

Honeycomb-Cellpack design2

The solutions are designed in CAD in our design division which will then make prototypes based on our CAD/CAM systems and CNC machine.

The packaging is designed to fit exactly the individual product. According to the customer’s requests, we can carry out drop and shock tests to ensure that each design meets our high standards for fixing and shock-absorption.

We are able to manufacture each individual product with cell sizes from 10 to 20 millimetres and with different qualities of kraft and test liner – typically between 135 and 750 grams per m2.

In addition to that, we are able to produce in thicknesses from 10 to 110 millimetres. In this way, we can tailor the strength and functionality of the packaging in cooperation with each individual customer.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Honeycomb Cellpack has more than 20 years of experience designing, developing and producing recyclable packaging based on paper honeycomb for shock-absorbing and fixation of products during transport and for display solutions.

It is our quality objective and policy, to:

– Develop and produce paper-based packaging that satisfy customer needs.
– Produce packaging with high quality and functionality.
– Our customers experience a quick and professional service – that we are regarded as a professional sounding board.
– We communicate simple and understandable – so we avoid confusion about products and agreements.
– We improve continuously our quality management system – and optimize our production processes.
– We maintain our certification of ISO 9001 and FSC®.
– We work with specific quality goals and tolerances which are specified in the development and production
– We comply with customer requirements and relevant statutory and regulatory requirements

It is our environmental objective and policy that we:

– Produces packaging based on natural products.
– Produces with a minimal consumption of energy.
– Complies with applicable environmental requirements.
– Ongoing reduces the consumption of energy in our production. We work with external advisors to achieve the best results – and thus impacting the environment minimally.
– Continually optimize packaging solutions to reduce consumption of materials

Honeycomb Cellpack is powered by a range of healthy and meaningful rules which mean that we are aware of our responsibility to society and the labor market, among other things a series of concrete initiative to ensure social responsibility

The policy is revised once a year


Certifications – ISO & FSC®

Honeycomb Cellpack is certified in both ISO 9001:2015 and FSC®.

Through our ISO 9001: 2015 certification, we handle our internal quality assurance. We are certified / audited annually by DNV-GL.

You can find our ISO certificate for 2019-2022 here (click here) 

You can find our ISO certificate for 2016-2019 here (click here)

In addition to this, we have our FSC® Certification. This means that we can offer customers a choice to get their products FSC® certified. Certification and auditing is done by NepCon Denmark.

You can find our FSC® certificate here (click here)

Healthy employees – healthy company

Honeycomb Cellpack is run according to a number of healthy and meaningful rules.

We are aware of our responsibility to society and the labour market. We have 25 employees – and some in sheltered employment. All our employees are offered a contribution to fitness, chiropractor/physiotherapist, help to stop smoking and a free fruit scheme.

As a green company, it is important to us that not only our products but also the production itself has a minimal impact on environment and nature.